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Below is a typical result page from a mortgage calculator. There are 6 items to take into consideration when calculating a payment:

Principal - Interest - Taxes - Insurance - HOA Costs - Private Mortgage Insurance

Most loans are quoted as PITI loans (principal/interest/taxes/home insurance).

How much are property taxes?

Ventura County (.000608)(0.730%)

LA County(.00060) (0.720%)

Orange County (.000575) (0.690%)

So monthly property taxes are calculated by taking the principal ($500,000) multiplied by .000575 for an Orange County home and you would enter $288 in that field.

What about PMI?

How much is PMI?

The average cost of private mortgage insurance, or PMI, for a conventional home loan ranges from 0.58% to 1.86% of the original loan. To get an estimate of PMI, take the $500,000 principal and multiply times .0058. This gives you $2,900. Divide by 12 payments per year and get $241/month. (The example above used .005 instead of .0058) All calculations here are for illustration and do not necessarily apply to your loan situation. Consult us for an actual quote.)